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Current Age --
Zodiac Sign --
Gender Female
Living Town Yoshi's island
First Appearance Mario Kart 8
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 8
Current Status(es) animal
Affiliation(s) Yoshi
Relative(s) Yoshi (boyfriend)
Yoshi, Yoshina!!!
Yoshina in Mario Kart 8

Yoshina is a Mario character who makes her first appearance in Mario Kart 8. Yoshina is a female Yoshi. She is Mario's friend and maybe Yoshi's girlfriend. She lives with other Yoshis in Yoshi's Island. Her house is pink unlike other Yoshis. Her eggs are like Yoshi's but they are light pink like Birdo's. She always wear a little pink bracelet with a ribbon that is a gift from her mother when she was a little female Yoshi. She loves to be ridden by Peach, because Peach loves to having a good time Yoshina.


Yoshina loves peace. She's always quiet, in fact, she usually gets sleeping when she tries to. Yoshina is very friendly with people who is loving with her like Peach, she makes friends like Maria and Walice (who love Yoshis). She is very happy but when she lays an egg (once a year), Yoshina is a bit annoyed and she looks after it at every moment. She is brave and she isn't frightened because of Bowser even she looks after Peach when she has a problem. Yoshina is very instinctive and she trust her instinct. She always know who's good and who's bad so she doesn't have any problem very often.

Yoshina's appearances in gamesEdit

Mario Kart 8Edit

Yoshina is a character who is sold in the Mario Kart Shop by 45 coins. You will be able to buy her when you have visited the shop five times.

Her special item is Dash Pepper. This item makes that Yoshina goes very fast for 2 or 3 seconds. She is very difficult to control but when she runs a rival over, the rival will be damaged like a shell hitting him. The Dash Pepper is the perfect item in a straight route but a problem in a curved.

Her own kart is Yoshina Kart. The Yoshina Kart is a kart with a Yoshina head in the front. The rest of the kart is like Yoshina's body. Its wheels are light pink with a drawing of Yoshina's egg. This kart is very fast but it's not good at accelaration.


Speed 8/10
Technique 6/10
Power 5/10
Jumping 7/10
Acceleration 5/10
Skills 7/10


Her name in other languagesEdit

Language Name What does it means?
English Yoshina Yoshi+n+a (female)
French Yoshibelle Yoshi+belle (beauty female)
Italian Yoshibella Yoshi+bella (beauty female)
Spanish Yosha

Yosh+a (female)

Dutch Yoshinne

Yoshi+Janneke (female name)

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