Welcome to boutique Mario Kart. Nice to meet you!!!
Veronique in Mario Kart 8
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Current Age 32
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Living Town Mushroom Town
Main Element(s) rock
First Appearance Mario Kart 8
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 8
Current Status(es) Boutique employee
Affiliation(s) Mario Kart Shop, Mr. Shop
Relative(s) Mr. Shop (manager)

Maliene (partner)

Roberto (partner)

Veronique is a female Mii who works on Mario Kart Shop. Now, she's the employee who works on Boutique Mario Kart and replaces Roberto who is working in Mario Kart Repair Shop. She was the last employee who was taken on. When the player visits Mario Kart Shop 50 times she decides to compete in races and you will be able to select her. She is also an employee of Mario Tennis Shop in Mario Tennis Legends. He gives the special suits when you get an achievement.


Veronique is a responsible employee who knows about her job. She loves fashion so Mr. Shop took on her for this vacant. She's a bit shy with new people but when you have visited the shop more times she's is more extroverted and she speaks with you a lot. Veronique is very friendly and she always suggests her costumers the perfect article and she sometimes make discounts to her favourite costumers. Mr. Shop thinks she is very helpful and hard-working like Maliene.

Items which sellsEdit


  • St. Claus cap: 25 coins
  • Cowboy's hat: 25 coins
  • Link's hat: 25 coins
  • Astronaut helmet: 30 coins
  • Diver helmet: 30 coins
  • Fire Mario hat: 30 coins
  • Wizard hat: 30 coins
  • Top hat: 30 coins
  • Beret: 30 coins
  • Police hat: 30 coins
  • Hammer Bro's helmet: 30 coins
  • Firefighter helmet: 30 coins
  • Nurse cap: 30 coins


  • Skier glasses: 5 coins
  • Grandma's glasses: 5 coins
  • Professor E. Gadd's glasses: 5 coins
  • Dr. Phist glasses: 5 coins
  • Diving glasses: 8 coins
  • French glasses: 8 coins
  • Spanish glasses: 8 coins
  • English glasses: 8 coins
  • American glasses: 8 coins
  • Italian glasses: 8 coins


  • Koopa shell: 5 coins
  • Hammer Bro suit: 10 coins
  • Bowser Jr.'s costume: 10 coins
  • Sonic costume: 15 coins
  • Toadette's costume: 15 coins
  • Birdo's costume: 15 coins
  • Diddy Kong costume: 20 coins
  • Peach's sport suit: 20 coins
  • Daisy's sport suit: 20 coins
  • Rosalina's sport suit: 20 coins
  • Petey Piranha costume: 25 coins
  • Dry Bowser costume: 25 coins


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