An artwork of the system, by Simpson55 (Talk).
Developer(s) Great Games, Inc. and Nintendo
Console Type Home console
Subtype(s) None
Release Date Japan: February 28, 2013
North America: March 3, 2013
Europe: March 4, 2013
Australia: March 4, 2013
Ability to connect with the Wii U, internet, virtual reality, more
Backward Compatibility Wii U
Forward Compatibility None
The Future Nintendo is a console made by Nintendo and Comet Gaming, Inc., which is a company run by Lumoshi that is helping to create a new era of video games. It was released in early 2013 worldwide and has received praise for its innovations. It is built very similarly to the Wii U as it was intended to compete with it, but once Nintendo saw it, they decided to work with Comet Gaming.


The Future Nintendo's main purpose was to compete against Nintendo's then-upcoming system. Nintendo saw the system at Great Games, Inc.'s conference at E3 and decided to collaborate with them to create "an awesome system" to debut alongside the Wii U.



Built-in SoftwareEdit

Through the system's main menu, many different "zones" are accessible, similar to the Wii's channels.


  • Game Zone: Allows players to play a disc inserted into the Wii.


  • Basic Version: System with 16 GB of internal memory, The Future Nintendo Controller, all included software, New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE, costs $300.
  • Pro Version: System with 32 GB of internal memory, two Future Nintendo Controllers, FN Classic Controller, all included software, pre-downloaded Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE, Mario Sports Resort, costs $400.
  • Supreme Version: System with 64 GB of internal memory, two Future Nintendo Controllers, two FN Classic Controllers, virtual reality goggles, all included software, pre-downloaded Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 8, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Galaxy ULTIMATE, Mario Kart ULTIMATE, 2000 Nintendo eShop pre-downloaded points, costs $500.

All versions are available in black and white. The Pro and Supreme can also be bought in blue and red, and the Supreme can be bought in gold.


  • Portable Version: So that Nintendo could save money and not make a portable console for this generation, it released a version which includes everything from the Pro Version, but batteries can be put onto the console for portability, and in games that support it (a special sticker will be on the back cover), the controller can assume the position of the television screen.
  • Lite Version: This version is thin and cheap, but backward compatibility with the Wii U is removed. This model (function-wise) resembles the Wii Family Edition.


Note: If you want to make a game for it ask me on my wall or in the comments. If you have already made a game for it before you may make more for this console without my permission.

Developed by Great Games, Inc.Edit

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Collaboration ProjectsEdit

Planned TitlesEdit

Disclaimer: These titles haven't been officially confirmed by Nintendo or Great Games, Inc., but they have been announced as possible titles by these companies.