Tape Twister
Developer(s) 180px
Publisher(s) 180px
Platform(s) Nintendo Comet Shop
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
Single player
Media Included Nintendo Comet Shop digital download
Tape Twister is a new game made by Comet Gaming, Inc., released as a digital download for the Nintendo Comet. The game involves players dragging a piece of tape across a course, trying to finish by covering as few feet as possible.


The game features two main modes. The first involves players exploring a linear course, attempting to reach the exit of a level by covering as little distance as possible. Courses can feature enemies such as glue which can harm players should they run into it directly, but if they jump on top of it and stick tape on it, it will defeat the enemy and award them points. Players can also perform special moves by using tape. The second mode is a trial mode on a course consisting of many hazards, with the goal being to defeat the CPU or another player by reaching the exit first.

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