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Developer(s) Comet Gaming, Inc. (Keyhole Gaming formerly)
Publisher(s) Comet Gaming, Inc. (Keyhole Gaming formerly)
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver and Future Nintendo
Genre(s) 3D platforming
Release Date(s)
Summer 2014
Series Super Mario

Super Mario: Panel Panic is an upcoming 3D platforming game made by Comet Gaming, Inc. and formerly Keyhole Gaming. It is for the Nintendo Silver and the Future Nintendo. The game features a new ability for Mario, the Ability Panels. Enemies randomly drop panels that are based on their abilities. Mario can use their abilities and as an temporary ability, some abilities are necessary to complete some levels.


Bowser is sitting on his throne, depressed after being defeated again by Mario. He consults Kamek as to what he should do next, who says that Mario always wins because he has a large arsenal of power-ups. With that information, Bowser realizes that if he can find a way to make copies of those power-ups, then he will be able to beat Mario. With his wand, Kamek creates panels that can be used to copy any of the power-ups Mario uses. After magically installing panels inside various members of the Koopa Troop, Bowser sends the airships to Peach’s Castle to kidnap the princess.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi are having lunch together in Toad Town along with many other inhabitants in a banquet celebrating Peach’s last rescue. Suddenly, they see airships in the sky and realize that Bowser is back. A commotion erupts and everyone is running in a different direction. Mario leads Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi into the castle, where the emergency power-ups are kept. Everyone transforms into something different and Mario leads the group towards the airships, which have large amounts of Koopas, Goombas, Boos, and other enemies descending from it. Mario, who has a Fire Flower, prepares to blast some Goombas but suddenly they use the same ability as him. The same seems to be going on with the others.

Realizing that they cannot win, the six run, but the Koopa Troop is too fast for them. When the troop retreats into the airships, Peach is gone. Mario and all of the Toad Town people start an investigation. Toadsworth reports that each member of the troop has something called an Ability Panel, which allows them to copy a nearby person’s power. Mario realizes that those panels were how the Koopa Troop got the upper hand on them. He speculates that if they defeat an enemy with an Ability Panel they will be able to take the panel and use it. With his idea in mind, they set out for Grassy Plains.


The game features heavy basis on 3D Mario titles such as Super Mario 3D Land, but also borrows from 2D titles, mainly New Super Mario Bros. U. Most levels are linear-styled, however some introduce their own mechanics, such as confusing Ghost Houses.

New featuresEdit

Ability PanelsEdit

Ability Panels are new items, containing the abilities of different enemies. For example, if Mario picked up a Koopa Troopa Ability Panel, he would grow into a hybrid between himself and a Koopa Troopa, allowing him to slide along the floor like a Blue Shell would allow him to in New Super Mario Bros. However, Ability Panels have their limitations. Most are restricted on time of usage or amount of usage. A Koopa Troopa Ability Panel can only be used for twenty seconds.

The player can collect panels by killing enemies. However, not all will give one. Any previously collected panels can be purchased at Peach's Castle in Grassy Plains for a certain amount of coins. The amount of total coins will be kept in the game's records, however only the amount after transactions will show in the game.

Mixed Power-upsEdit



Picture Name Stats Special Item
x150px Mario


150px Luigi Speed:20px20px20px20px
x130px Toad Speed:20px20px
x130px Toadette Speed:20px



Number Name Description Boss
1 Grassy Plains

The first world of the game is a simple grassland, with some mountainous aquatic levels as well. Shadow Mario
2 Hidden Sea

The second world of the game is based around the sea, having several water and beach levels. Big Bertha
3 Mysterious Swamp

The third world of the game is a swamp-forest-themed world. Many streams of poison water run through it as well as deep lakes of thick, murky unpoisoned water. Mecha Ukiki
4 Haunted Forest

The fourth world of the game is a forest-based world like Mysterious Swamp, but features less water and more trees. King Boo
5 Mole Mine

The fifth world of the game is an underground cavern, with many canyon-like places as wel. Giga Monty
6 Fluffy Clouds

The sixth world of the game is set in the mountains, but near the very top, leaving clouds easily accessible. Mad Foo
7 Searing Deadlands

The seventh world of the game is a desert world. It includes many canyon-like areas as well as large caves. Mummipokey
8 Rocky Mountain

The eighth world of the game is the only true mountain world in the game, having many climbing levels and such. King Fuzzy
9 Cool Glacier

The ninth world of the game is an ice level, having diverse features such as tundras, glaciers, and others. Baron Brrr
10 Outer Space

The tenth world of the game is a space level, being in a similar setting to many Super Mario Galaxy levels. It is the only main world to have features from that game. Astro Piranha
11 Bowser's Hot Hideout

The eleventh world, and last in the story mode, is Bowser's lair, and thus, volcano-themed. The levels in the world ascend one, Bowser's castle located at the very top. Bowser
12 Master Class World

The twelfth and final world is unlocked by defeating Bowser. The first eleven levels are unlocked by collecting every Star Panel in the respective world, and the final level is unlocked by collecting every Star Panel in the other levels in the world. None



Picture Name Description Form
100px Mushroom The Mushroom differs from its traditional usage in 3D Mario games, instead giving players higher jumping power, strength, and speed for thirty seconds 125px
Super Mario
100px Fire Flower The Fire Flower allows the player to shoot fireballs for a total time limit of thirty seconds. 125px
Fire Mario
100px Ice Flower The Ice Flower allows the player to shoot ice for a total time limit of thirty seconds. 125px
Ice Mario
100px Cape Feather The Cape Feather allows the player to fly into the air for up to thirty seconds. 125px
Cape Mario
100px Frog Suit The Frog Suit provides high bounces and allows for good swimming, lasting for twenty seconds. 125px
Frog Mario
100px Super Star


The Super Star makes players invincible for fifteen seconds. 125px
Rainbow Mario


Picture Name Description Form
100px Flaming Mushroom
Mushroom + Fire Flower
N/A 125px
Burning Mario
100px Cold Mushroom
Mushroom + Ice Flower
N/A 100px
Cold Mario
100px Cloud Mushroom
Mushroom + Cape Feather
N/A 125px
Cloud Mario
100px Swimming Mushroom
Mushroom + Frog Suit
N/A 125px
Swimmer Mario
100px Freeze Flame Flower
Fire Flower + Ice Flower
N/A 125px
Freeze Flaming Mario
100px Flaming Cape
Fire Flower + Cape Feather
N/A 125px
Phoenix Mario
100px Liquid Flower
Fire Flower + Frog Suit
N/A 100px
Liquid Mario
100px Cold Cape
Ice Flower + Cape Feather
N/A 125px
Cold Cape Mario
100px Penguin Suit
Ice Flower + Frog Suit
N/A 125px
Penguin Mario
100px Flying Frog Suit
Cape Flower + Frog Suit
N/A 125px
Flying Frog Mario

Ability PanelsEdit

Name Picture Description Type
Koopa Troopa The player can turn into a form resembling Shell Mario from New Super Mario Bros., where they can roll along the floor and break blocks and hide from enemies. The panel can be used for twenty seconds. Defense/Offense
Magikoopa The player can turn into a version of them mixed with a Magikoopa. They can shoot five deadly blasts of magic that will kill any non-boss. The player is also given the ability to fly within a time limit of twenty seconds, similar to a Lakitu cloud. Offense
Boomerang Bro. Almost identical to Boomerang Mario, the player can use boomerangs to attack enemies. Each deals the same damage as a fireball. After ten boomerangs are used, the player reverts to whatever form they were before. Offense
Piranha Plant The players can go into any pipe in any level, some of which are dead-ended but some of which lead to hidden secrets, such as 1-ups. It can be used for one minute before the player is automatically thrust through the point of entry they used to get in the pipe. Other







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