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Roberto in Mario Kart 8
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Current Age 21
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Male
Living Town Mushroom Town
Main Element(s) Air
First Appearance Mario Kart 8
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 8
Current Status(es) Boutique employee
Affiliation(s) Mario Kart Shop, Mr. Shop
Relative(s) Maliene (partner)

Veronique (partner)

Mr. Shop (manager)

Roberto is the employee who works on the Boutique Mario Kart and the Mario Kart Repair Shop. He was working on Boutique Mario Kart until Veronique was taken on. He's selling wheels and karts in the repair shop. He's one of Maliene's friends. He also competes in races since you have visited the shop 50 times. He can be selected when you have done it. He also appears in Mario Tennis Legends as an employee in Mario Tennis Legends, who sells the rackets.


He's a quiet person who works in Mario Kart shop. He's always friendly with the costumer and he helps him/her when he/she need anything. He knows about fashion (it's the reason of his job). He usually suggests the perfect clothes and he usually makes little discounts to his favourite costumers. When he works on the repair shop he hasn't any problem. He's very helpful and his manager is very grateful. He's always working like Maliene but it isn't a problem.

Boutique items


  • Motorist helmet Price: 10 coins
  • Ciclist helmet Price: 10 coins
  • Winter cap Price: 5 coins
  • Swimming cap Price: 5 coins
  • Mario hat Price: 15 coins
  • Maria hat Price: 15 coins
  • Luigi hat Price: 15 coins
  • Luise hat Price: 15 coins
  • Wario hat Price: 20 coins
  • Waria hat Price: 20 coins
  • Waluigi hat Price: 20 coins
  • Walice hat Price: 20 coins
  • Crown Price: 30 coins


  • Sun glasses Price: 3 coins
  • Black glasses Price: 2 coins
  • Brown glasses Price: 2 coins
  • Blue glasses Price: 2 coins
  • Red glasses Price: 2 coins
  • Swimming glasses Price: 3 coins
  • 3D glasses Price: 5 coins
  • Party glasses Price: 3 coins


  • Mario suit: 20 coins
  • Luigi suit: 20 coins
  • Peach dress: 30 coins
  • Daisy dress: 30 coins
  • Wario suit: 20 coins
  • Waluigi suit: 20 coins
  • Toad costume: 15 coins
  • Yoshi costume: 15 coins
  • Bowser costume: 15 coins
  • DK costume: 15 coins
  • Rosalina dress: 25 coins
  • Bee Mario suit: 25 coins
  • Starman suit: 35 coins


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