This is the list of courses for Mario Kart Comet.


Shell CupEdit

  • 3DS Toad Circuit:
  • GBA Boo Lake:
  • U Toad Harbor:
  • DS Shroom Ridge: The course receives very few changes from the original, being that players can use anti-gravity to drive on cliff faces, and a gliding ramp has been inserted near the finish line.

Banana CupEdit

  • FN Toy Time Playroom:
  • SNES Ghost Valley 1:
  • Wii DK Summit:
  • N64 Sherbet Land: The portion before entering the track has been replaced with an underwater section, as well as an anti-gravity section near the end and a gliding section.

Heart CupEdit

  • U Mario Circuit:
  • FN DK Peak:
  • 3DS Rock Rock Mountain: After the big jump, the right wall is closer to the track so it can be used for an anti-gravity shortcut leading to the original shortcut ramp in the grass. Players can also drive on the wall after the last jump. Otherwise, the track is nearly identical.
  • GCN Baby Park: The track reverts back to seven laps. Starting on the third, a ramp appears on the blue section which leads into a glide, and on the fifth, the course begins to shake.

Blooper CupEdit

  • Wii Daisy Circuit:
  • U Sunshine Airport:
  • FN Industrial City:
  • DS Bowser's Castle:

Leaf CupEdit

  • SNES Donut Plains 2:
  • 3DS Rosalina's Ice World:
  • U Bone Dry Dunes:
  • FN Kamella's Ghost Ship:

Lightning CupEdit

  • Wii Wario's Gold Mine: The course has several changes, including heavy implementation of anti-gravity. Many of the paths inside the mine travel sideways, and the large drops ascend vertically. The jump leading out of the shortcut becomes a glide.
  • N64 Banshee Boardwalk: One underwater section before the entrance to the building has been implemented, as well as the deck turning sideways, allowing for anti-gravity. The final section of the deck has been replaced with a gliding portion as well.
  • GCN Bowser's Castle: There are no notable changes besides some portions being subjected to anti-gravity changes and some ramps have gliding pads.
  • GBA Rainbow Road: The track has been transformed to be completely three dimensional, including rolling portions of the track in contrast to the flat original. The jump pads have been removed, but some remain as intentional shortcuts. The course also does a corkscrew in the twisty section about halfway through. Several stars have been added that add to the total stardust amount in the course, as well, and many gliding sections have been implemented.

Battle stagesEdit