This is season one of Life as a Luma. New episodes are planned to be released on a weekly basis on Sundays. Episode transcripts are written in novel format instead of script format, each episode around 2000 words or greater. The season will take a short break in April after the tenth episode is aired, to resume in mid May to early June. The season is scheduled to conclude in July.

Episode ListEdit

Note: Original plots may differ from final episode.

Episode No. Name Basic Plot Release Date Status as of Jan. 10, 2014
1 Beginnings Lumoshi and Lumalee meet. Lumalee takes Lumoshi to the Observatory. Later, Rosalina sees potential in the two when they are plagued by a group of Dark Lumas and the two save them, and she bestows special powers unto Lumoshi and Lumalee. Lumoshi can ride the winds and Lumalee can control ice and fire. February, 2014 Being written (approx. 90% underway)
2 A Surprise Visitor It turns out that the two have arrived just in time for a celebration party of Mario’s previous defeat of Bowser. Rosalina takes the observatory to the Mushroom Kingdom, but the party is crashed by Cosmic Dustars, which are evil beings made of dust. Mario says he doesn’t know where they came from, but will investigate. Rosalina and the Lumas dock the observatory in the castle for the night. February 2014 Planned out
3 A Second Attack While the Lumas play a game of Star Tag, Rosalina meets with Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth, who all look at images taken of the Dustars. They find out that they are from the Lumarian Galaxy, a rather large kingdom located many miles from the Mushroom Kingdom. Wondering what is happening, Lumalee and Lumoshi plan to sneak in to see what they are discussing. Unfortunately, they witness a Dustar attack and cannot stop it in time. As a result she is kidnapped. March 2014 Planned out
4 Plans Lumoshi and Lumalee blame themselves for the attack. A Luma named Bubbly Joe nominates them to be the new co-leaders of the Luma pack. Everyone likes the idea, even Polari, who was next in line for being leader. The two Lumas start planning an expedition to the Lumarian Kingdom to give them a piece of their mind. They organize a platoon of armed Toads and Lumas and make Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, and themselves generals. Bubbly Joe changes the configuration of the observatory, giving it the ability to break apart at will. They begin flying to the Lumarian Kingdom. March 2014 Planned out
5 Journey Across the Galaxy Upon arriving at Lumaria, they are attacked. Lumoshi sends their army off to use the observatory’s new cannons. They make their way to the palace, where they confront King Dustar XXVII, who hides his face from the “unworthy” via a mask. Dustar states that he has forever held a grudge on the Mushroom Kingdom for their “evils” and is bringing together an army to wreak havoc on them and their allies. Lumalee demands that he free Rosalina, but fortunately, Mario has already discovered her cell and has rescued her. Dustar closes the castle gates and says that the damage has already been done to Rosalina, because he has embedded a chip into her brain that will slowly alter her mind to make her evil. He orders his army to obliterate the Mushroom Kingdom’s army. Luckily, Lumoshi and Lumalee are small enough to fit inside the castle’s vents. They get the observatory, bust the gates, and knock Dustar into the castle’s moat. March 2014 Planned out
6 The Search for Starbits After fleeing from Lumaria, they are anticipating an attack. Some surgeons in Toad Town attempt to remove the chip from Rosalina’s brain. During their wait at the Mushroom Kingdom, Lumoshi and Lumalee attempt to pay Bubbly Joe to make nuclear guns and ammunition so they can duel. Joe refuses, but says he will if the two can acquire a new supply of Star Bits. They agree, as they want snacks as well. The two Lumas decide to ride inside a dome as taking the whole observatory would be unnecessary. Joe disables the new configuration’s guard latch and allows them to take off in the Fountain. Unfortunately, there are no Star Bits in all of Toad Town, but Mrs. Toadlynn from the grocery store says they are available in a nearby town. Lumoshi and Lumalee fly there, but the fuel of the Fountain runs out and the dome crashes in a field, leaving them on foot. They wander the town looking for the market Mrs. Toadlynn mentioned and find it, purchasing some Star Bits. They are forced to use the Star Bits to refuel, and have nothing to show Bubbly Joe when they return. Luckily, he makes the nuclear weapons anyway, as he can see they tried. March 2014 Planned out
7 TBA TBA March 2014 Not started
8 April 2014 Not started
9 April 2014 Not started
10 April 2014 Not started