Life as a Luma
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Genre(s) Adventure, Action, Comedy
First Air Date(s)
Last Air Date(s)
Opening Theme TBA
Ending Theme TBA
Country of Origin Worldwide
Original Language English
Producer(s) 180px
Season(s) Season 1: March 2014
Episodes 20
Runtime 23 minutes
Distributed by 180px
Status In production

Life as a Luma is a 2014 television show produced by Comet Gaming, Inc. The plot revolves around life on the Comet Observatory. Two characters star in the show as of the latest CometCon, which are Lumoshi, an author avatar of company CEO Lumoshi, and Lumalee, the main star of upcoming game Starship Crew. Rosalina and several minor characters will also appear.


The series is intended to be a prequel to Starship Crew, meaning that it will take place before the events of the latter.

Season 1Edit

Lumoshi has left his comet of residence, deciding to live somewhere else. He has been wandering for years without finding a long-term place to live. One day, he finally decides he will give up and heads home, but a mysterious blue Luma crashes into him right there. He turns out to be Lumalee, who takes Lumoshi to the Comet Observatory.



Season 1Edit

On December 16, 2013, 20 episodes were announced to be in production for release in early 2014. As of December 23, the first three episodes were being produced. A premiere date for the season was officially announced on January 6, 2014, to be January 26 of that year. The release date was pushed back to February or March.

Season 2 and 3Edit

On January 26, 2013, second and third seasons were announced. Lumoshi stated that he planned for the plot to take about that many, possibly continuing into a fourth season.


Main CastEdit

Name Image Description
Lumoshi Lumoshi, along with Lumalee, is the main protagonist of the series. He is an energetic Luma but can be serious at times, helping him to think straight in tricky situations. Lumoshi has the power to ride the wind, meaning he can fly at very high speeds, and he can also manipulate the air around him to sweep foes off their feet.
Lumalee 100px Lumalee is the second protagonist of the series. Like Lumoshi, he is very energetic and does not use common sense, sometimes leading the pair into trouble. Lumalee can use the powers of fire and ice to defeat enemies. He lived on the Comet Observatory, unlike Lumoshi who was a wanderer.
Rosalina Rosalina is the guardian of the Lumas. She is responsible for driving the observatory and commanding the Lumas.
King Dustar XXVII King Dustar is the ruler of the Lumarian Kingdom.

Recurring CastEdit

Name Image Description
Bubbly Joe Joe is another Luma in the observatory, serving as an antihero. He and Lumalee do not get along well, Joe being equivalent to a schoolyard bully.
Mario Mario is a human living in the Mushroom Kingdom who helps Rosalina find the source of the Cosmic Dustars.


The idea was conceived first in September 2013, but was not announced until December of that year. During the Fantendo Holiday Showcase, Comet Gaming, Inc. announced that 20 episodes were to be released during early 2014. Later, a release date of January 26, 2014 was released during a conference where CGI CEO Lumoshi said the company is hard at work on the episodes.


The character artwork features Lumoshi's artwork style. The current images are concept art, the final artwork for the characters will be released soon.


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