Kyle Thunders
The main character of Super Kyle Thunders.
Current Age 15
Date of Birth 26th September
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Living Town Laundrice
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Thunder Scepter
Main Element(s) ThunderBoB
Vulnerable to Ground
First Appearance Fantendo Super Beasts
Latest Appearance Super Kyle Thunders
Current Status(es) Prisoner
Main Ability/ies Electrokinesis
Affiliation(s) Electroid Factory
Alias(es) The Son of the Thunder
Relative(s) Mike Thunders (brother)

Kayla Wave (girfriend)

Kyle Thunders is the Videogame Hero who stars the game Super Kyle Thunders. He has a little brother, Mike Thunders. He's the prisoner of a factory where he's used to get electric energy for the factory.


Kyle is a boy who loves risk and adventure. He's courageous, he isn't afraid of the enemies of the factory. He loves his electric powers and sometimes he is proud of his powers. He crushes on Kayla Wave who is also in the same factory. He is a good strategist and he also tries that his plans finish well, but he changes them if it's necessary. He never thinks that the easy was was the better and he tries to be careful when he makes something risky.

Games AppearancesEdit

Super Kyle ThundersEdit

He is the main character of Super Kyle Thunders and the only playable until he rescues his brother. He is enclosed in the highest floor of the factory, the floor of the cells. He has to run into the factory destroying robots, using the electric cables, manipulating the electric machines, etc. He also has to rescue his girlfriend who is in the pits of the factory. He has to get electric batteries to have much health.

Fantendo Super BeastsEdit

Kyle is a unlockable character that is unlocked when you win 30 battles.

Galactian: Battle of BraceletsEdit

He makes a promotional cameo in Thunstonish Cave where he is looking for the Thunder Scepter. It's the only no-god character who doesn't use bracelet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electric Hit: He turns himself into a ray and hit the enemy.
  • Volt Jump: He turns himself into a thunder, then he jumps and hit the enemy.
  • Thunder String: He creates an electric laser that goes through the space and destroy anything.
  • Thunder Ball: He throws electric balls with a long range.