Fantendo Super Beasts
Developer(s) Fantendo

Walange Corporation

Publisher(s) Walange Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Prima

Wii U

Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Fantendo Super Beasts is the first game of Fantendo Series that is made by Walange Corporation for Nintendo Prima. This upcoming game will be ready in 2012. It's a fighting game that has 35 characters.


Default CharactersEdit

Character Image Series Description
David 100px David
Teardrop 100px
Aingeru Aingeru
Fruity 100px
Kid Kiba 100px
Guppy the Shark 100px
Bearded Smiley 100px
Emerald the Sceptile 100px
Ella Metals 100px
Aveo 100px
Zak 100px
Mr. Chilli 100px
Red the Hood'em 100px
Pesh 100px
Jack Johnson 100px

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Character Image Series Description
Arcois 100px
Drake 100px
Dave the Rabbit 100px
Jade the Crane 100px
Lee Koroshi-Ya 100px
Angel the Shark No picture
DREW 100px
Andy Pasta 100px
GroyDoc 100px
Quimmer 100px
Spergassa 100px
Niko Billec 100px
Kyle Thunders 100px
Maion 100px
Private Eye R.O.B. 100px
Rose Reaper 100px
Pashie 100px
Roxanne 100px
Meta-Form 100px
(you can propose him)



From other SeriesEdit

  • Smilexa
  • Madness Mountains
  • Treasure Town
  • Surprising Town
  • Kouger Stadium Olymics
  • GroyDoc Park
  • Monacal Ruins
  • Hood'ems Forest
  • Serrima
  • Upside Down Lane
  • Winterfrost Island
  • Pumpkin Cake Cove
  • Chaolectic Factory
  • (you can propose the place)
  • (you can propose the place)
  • (you can propose the place)

New stagesEdit

  • Bloody Christmas Village
  • Electro-Colliseum
  • Alpine Forest
  • Haunted Ruins
  • Dream Circus Mountain
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)