Dimension Zombie
Developer(s) YoshiEgg

UltimateMogwai Alange95

Platform(s) Wii

Nintendo 3DS

Genre(s) Fighter/Platformer
Release Date(s)
Story Mode

Dimension Zombie is a YoshiEgg Nook-Battle of Bracelets-John Mogwai Land crossover, on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


The story starts when a weird holes are appearing in the world. YoshiEgg Nook has found a lot of them and he will try to find what the holes are. At the same time, John Mogwai finds a lot of holes and he also tries to discover the holes. Meanwhile, Aingeru's village is being destroyed by zombies who have appeared from the holes. But YoshiEgg Nook, John Mogwai and their friends arrive to the village and they find Aingeru and his friends fighting a lot of zombies. After fighting the zombies, the heroes join to look for the origin of the holes that are destroying the Bracelet dimension.


Playable CharactersEdit

Image Name Description Strength Series
AingeruB Aingeru High Flying Expert Battle of Bracelets
110px Ainhoa

Stunt-Attacks Expert

Battle of Bracelets
PabloB Pablo Tectonic Attacks Expert Battle of Bracelets
110px YoshiEgg Nook Shooting expert YoshiEgg Nook
110px Bloop Close-Combat Expert YoshiEgg Nook
110px Rhode Swordfighting expert YoshiEgg Nook
100px John Mogwai Throwing weapons expert. John Mogwai Land
110px Nick Household objects expert. John Mogwai Land
110px Josh Wardley Good at attacking with feet. John Mogwai Land




Throwings WeaponsEdit

Image Name What it does Where to find
Grenades Exploads a few seconds after activated.
100px Molotov Cocktails Sets whatever it lands on on fire.

Household ObjectsEdit

Image Name What it does Where to find
Chainsaw Gardens

Shooting WeaponsEdit

Image Name What it does Where to find
Rocket Launcher Shoots out a rocket that explodes on contact.
Crossbow Shoot out an arrow that go through the enemies