• TechBreloom

    General Update

    August 24, 2015 by TechBreloom

    hey hey hey, you may recognize me from fantendo. so this place is pretty much dead but i personally have some plans to transfer all of my fanon from fantendo over here and focus more on community stuff/original works over there and due to the interest i have shown tenshi has promoted me, and with this adminship i want to not necessarily attempt to revive this place but almost give it a new purpose. basically i'm aiming for people to treat this place similarly; use it as a spot to get down all of their nintendo fanon and treat fantendo as more of a community place where more original ideas are shared and such.

    im gonna make a push to get this place all polished up and user-friendly, get a lot of common images and templates over, etc. but tha…

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  • CouyZDX

    Look here for the idea!

    • Evolved Spyro
    • Evolved Voodood
    • Evolved Wrecking Ball
    • Sodazilla Pop Fizz (Series 4)
    • Prixie Gust
    • Mist Fist
    • Tini Vu (Mini of Deja Vu)
    • Trap Shade (Mini of Trap Shadow)
    • LightCore Double Trouble
    • Elite Pop Fizz
    • Elite Star Strike

    • Evolved Terrafin
    • Evolved Flashwing
    • Evolved Fist Bump
    • Ranger Dino-Rang (Series 2)
    • Amboar
    • Rock Widow
    • Pesky Break (Mini of Prism Break)
    • Cracker (Mini of Crusher)
    • LightCore Scorp
    • Elite Bash
    • Elite Rocky Roll

    More coming soon!

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  • Darth Phazon

    Anyway, even though my ban is up on Sunday, my TRUE return won't be until Monday, when I can get most of my stuff copypasted to Lapis wiki.

    I'd like to announce a few new projects I will work on upon my return:

    • Skylanders: Days of Future Past (working title)= Inspired by the eponymous X-men movie, this game features a whole new type of Skylanders (the Time Travellers) as well as all the past Skylander types (as well as the new Light and Dark elements) I have used in my games. I'd like to note that I'm also going to be asking for the right to use some of the fanmade Skylander types created by others so I may include as much content in this game as possible, and quite possibly construct the best Skylanders game on Fantendo.
    • Punch-Out: Center Ring…
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  • RandomUser24

    Test on Pokébox

    November 10, 2014 by RandomUser24
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  • RandomUser24

    In Video Game Fan Wiki, on a second reply to this comment (), I mentioned that I will replace Pokémon GX and Pokémon: Legends of Rampos with two new Pokémon fangames. I, CouyZ, introduce to you....


    That's right, Pokémon Sunburn and Frostbite will keep all the stuff from Jade, Topaz, Opal, Bronze, Copal, Bronze 2, Copal 2, Solar, Lunar and Eclipse and will keep the remakes TealDiamond, MagentaPearl, ThunderBlack and InfernoWhite. They will also keep the 12 new types from both GX and Legends of Rampos and will reveal 2 more new types, Smoke and Hover! They will keep the 130 new Pokémon from GX and Legends of Rampos but will extend the number from 132 to 152.

    Here are the new starters' descriptions!

    Grass evolves in…

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  • RandomUser24

    I have more ideas for Pokémon but unfortunately, I can't put these Pokémon into Pokémon GX because GX's new Pokémon number is only limited to 132. So, I've got a new idea for another Pokémon series, Pokémon: Legends of Rampos! It features 124 new Pokémon, a new region Rampos, two new playable PokéTrainers, 8 new Gym Leaders, a new Elite Four team and a new Champion!

    The Rampos starters are Floradillo (Grass), Oxcorch (Fire) and Cubble (Water). Floradillo evolves into Diggeroot at Lvl 13 then Floraldrillo at Lvl 20. Oxcorch evolves into Volcanox at Lvl 13 then Volcanoram at Lvl 20. Cubble evolves into Beastic at Lvl 13 then Articlawz at Lvl 20.

    The Rampos legendaries are Vividrak (Dragon/Cyber), Fairiflora (Fairy/Grass) and Solarusk (Light/Da…

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  • Darth Phazon

    So, I'm here again

    October 17, 2014 by Darth Phazon

    Now I finally got blocked after that poll. Honestly, I'm relieved. The suspense was killing me.

    So, if anyone wants to chat, I'll be hanging out in this chatroom, the AOW chatroom, and the Neotendo chatroom if anyone needs me.

    Anyway, since I'm here, I'm going to need some help doing inter-wiki transferring. In short, I will be creating modes in Lego Digital Designer for the User Wars and will need someone else to upload them to Fantendo.

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  • RandomUser24

    Dawson's eye color is green. Blint's eye color is turquoise-blue.

    Onyx's eye/fingernail color is yellow. Callia's eye/fingernail color is lavender-green.

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  • RandomUser24

    Out of Ideas

    September 13, 2014 by RandomUser24

    Nothing new here! You know why? I'M OUT OF IDEAS TO DO THIS WEEKEND!

    Maybe you can help me come up with the idea. There's 4 ideas I'll come up with.

    1. A Skylanders: Journeys/Fakelanders spin-off series. (named Elemental Legends)
    2. A new crossover fangame.
    3. A sequel to Nicktoons Alpha. (named Nicktoons Alpha 2.0: Third Party Edition)
    4. Altered versions of Pokémon Jade, Topaz and Opal. (named Pokémon Bronze, Copal, Bronze 2 and Copal 2)

    You can give me an idea for the new crossover fangame.

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  • RandomUser24

    There's a glitch in Video Game Fan Wiki, the wiki I joined in which is created by BHCreations. BHCreations blocked me but then he unblocked me for my self defense. But this happens!

    See? I'm unblocked on Video Game Fan Wiki but this says I'm still blocked! This is the glitch I am showing you. This message doesn't know that I AM RandomUser24 if this says "Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by RandomUser24."!

    Dear BHCreations, fix this glitch on Video Game Fan Wiki. This glitch is a crap-loaded travesty.

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  • RandomUser24

    One picture (used in the album cover for Baby One More Time) shows Britney Spears (as a teenager) with a red short-sleeved jacket, a white shirt and a jean skirt. Now, I've got a thing to say. What does Britney have on her feet in this album cover? It is said that she is wearing flip flops but when I looked closely at the flip flops, they're actually rocks. She isn't wearing socks on this album cover. Looks like she actually has rocks on her actual bare feet.

    I know, this is a foot fetish theory. I love women/girls being barefoot because I love female bare feet.

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  • Darth Phazon

    So, I was working on a new Lego game that would be totally original (unlike LEGO Batman 4), so I went through many different concepts, eventually settling on LEGO Fantendo. Basically, the main plot focuses on the two biggest D-bags on Fantendo (DevilX90 and TheNintendoGamer) teaming up to try to bring down a cast of heroes (so far, I am the only person I have permission to use; appropriate). Basically, I need other people to help me out by giving me permission to use them. But you have to tell me what weapons you want and what powers you have, so I can match LEGO abilities to go along with them.

    For example, I have a pair of Ice Weapons powered by a robotic suit with a special helmet that lets me see through stuff (to say the least), access…

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  • RandomUser24

    Pokémon GXG Confirmed

    September 7, 2014 by RandomUser24

    I'm going to make a fan-made Pokémon generation called Pokémon GXG. No, not Generation VIV, Pokémon GXG. GXG stands for Generation Xela Gexal. Xela and Gexal are the two regions of this generation. The starters in Xela are the Doughnut Frog Pokémon , the Tiny Pony Pokémon  and the Water Dragon Pokémon . The mascots of Jade and Topaz are (a grass pony) Plantia and (a dragon scorpion) Clawgon (guess their types). I'm going to make this generation its own wiki. Pokémon GX Wiki!

    (40 seconds later)

    Looks like I already made the wiki.

    I will also soon make a wiki called Pokémon Gexal Wiki. It will be for the Pokémon Bronze and Copal games.

    Plus, the starters in Gexal are the Jungle Tiger Pokémon , the Bunny Rabbit Pokémon  and the Mini Dolphin Pokém…

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  • RandomUser24

    New Member!

    September 6, 2014 by RandomUser24

    NOTE: Haters, do not bother reading this! I don't wanna hear your stupid hate comments!

    My name is RandomUser24 AKA CouyZ! I'm ultimately awesome because of my games, characters and films. I'm also the funniest commenter/editor ever. I'm comedy gold!

    I don't know what to make but I will move here from Fantendo 2.

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  • Darth Phazon

    1 week remaining

    September 4, 2014 by Darth Phazon

    Okay I have one week left before my ban is lifted and I can go back to Fantendo, but I need to ask one question: you know how when you put music on the page without actually adding a video to it? You know, like when you want music to play when people arrive on that page? How do you do that? Is there a template for that or something?

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  • Darth Phazon

    As some of you may know, I am returning to Fantendo Wednesday after next; to celebrate this, I will be not only transferring Legend of Zelda: Darkness Within to there,  I will be tackling new territory by creating a new game:

    Punch-Out: Center Ring!

    UPDATE: Mike Tyson, Mr. Dream, Rocky Balboa and Donkey Kong will return for the Special Circuit.

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  • Lumoshi


    August 31, 2014 by Lumoshi

    I'm ordering pizza, anyone want some?

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  • TimeSoul


    August 31, 2014 by TimeSoul

    So, Fantendo may be back to a calmer time, but I hope that some people will consider editing here again. I really don't like Fantendo: even with Tenshi and Lumo as the 'crats, power can control people, so I'll stick around here more for a while. ;P

    I hope some people will continue to edit here too. Please don't leave me.

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Future of the wiki

    August 30, 2014 by Yami no Tenshi

    I want to tell everyone that independently about what will happen on Fantendo in the next few days, this wiki will still work to make different projects. I mean, for example, whereas I'm making some BoB games on Fantendo, I will make other things here, for example, it's such an alternative to publish stuff.

    My latest message is, thank you all for the support that you are giving to this wiki. This wiki will eventually return all the good things that you are doing. Have a good evening and get ready for another awesome day on Neotendo!

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  • Lumoshi

    Chat Party

    August 30, 2014 by Lumoshi

    To celebrate Neotendo surviving a day, everyone go to chat!

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  • Lumoshi

    Introducing SA

    August 29, 2014 by Lumoshi

    We now have . If you have a nice page and a sysop sees it, this will tag it.

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  • Lumoshi


    August 29, 2014 by Lumoshi

    To import pages, you can ask at Neotendo Wiki:Requests for import.

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Welcome to Neotendo!!! I hope this wiki works and people really enjoy this community. If you have any doubts about how this works, well, right now, I'm the founder and the only crat (at this moment) and Lumoshi, Soupy and White are our admins (for the moment).

    Any doubts can be asked here. Good evening!

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  • White the Popopo

    It's me. ^w^ (Kinda blurry, but it'll do...)

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  • White the Popopo

    So I'm making a fanfic. An AoW crossover fanfic, to be exact. I'm developing ideas as we speak, but I need one thing:


    That's where you guys come in.

    Kinda like Jake's fanfic, it won't be canon, but it'll use characters made by the likes of you. Of course, I won't make it stupid, and really the only thing that keeps the characters from being realiztic is being . Of course, the fanfic will have a couple original characters as well.

    1. I'm picking and choosing from the submissions, so don't get your hopes up if your character isn't exactly the most detailed.
    2. Please provide a bit of info on your character. The first submission with a decent amount will become the template for what I want the others to look like.


    • White (Me)
    • Locne (New!) …

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  • White the Popopo

    Concept Art

    May 1, 2014 by White the Popopo

    Double post woop.

    But anyway, I figured you guys were probably wondering what some of my characters looked like. So, I spent the last hour and a half - save for a bunch of torturous Shockwave crashes - to get this hand-drawn thing up.

    I've also thrown in concepts for characters for a few upcoming series of mine, as well as the protagonist of a game I adopted earlier today.

    Ace: A 16-year-old girl with the power to form playing cards out of pure nothing.

    Viran: A 13-year-old girl that carries a machine known as the Sign Tab, which allows her to draw signs that do different things.

    Quaz: A ghost that's been cursed to come back to life every five minutes.

    Vellfir: An unknown being that doesn't have any special powers, but is very good with metals f…

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  • White the Popopo

    Hello, and welcome to today's issue of the Zentech Weekly. I'm your host, White, and we've got a couple stories today.

    First off, Zentech Studios has joined the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase! We've got huge plans for it, so stay tuned. Oh, and on the box, it says two big announcements. One of which will change newer Zentech Studios games for the better, and the other will bring something to the wiki that's kinda similar to the positive aspects of Ash.

    I still haven't gotten around to making Vestibulum...I should probably do that. Expect that link to be blue within a few hours.

    And I hit 4000 edits. Woop woop.

    Well, that's all I've got today. This has been White, signing out.


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  • White the Popopo

    Le Soundtrack Job

    February 26, 2014 by White the Popopo

    This isn't much of a job, but it's something for me to do.

    Lately, I've been pestering a certain someone about fixing up their soundtracks on their game pages. But then, I thought, "Self (because that's what you call yourself), maybe I should do this for more people than that guy." And then I made this blog.

    So, I'll organize your game soundtracks if you want. I just want an excuse to listen to it.

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  • White the Popopo

    Double blog woop.

    Anyway, I made a Tumblr thing! And I have absolutely no idea how to use it! Yay.

    Well, it's this. I'm not sure if I'll use this nearly as much as Fantendo, and it'll probably be an ask blog (without pictures, until I can get a tablet or something), so yeah. Fun times, I guess. *sigh*

    Yeah...I'll probably follow anyone I find from here, so look for that. I guess this is White, signing out.

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  • White the Popopo

    Blog Series Hiatus

    February 19, 2014 by White the Popopo

    In case you didn't notice, I never did the Zentech Weekly on Monday. And I'm not doing the Top 10 Music thing tonight.

    I've decided I'm gonna take a little break from blog series stuff. I know I just started two of them, but I'm demoting them to non-weekly stuff. I might make them biweekly (I think that means every other week...), or make them once in a while.

    The Zentech Weekly will still go on every Monday, unless I don't have anything to talk about, which was the case this Monday. So, you can expect to see that regularly, but not the other ones.

    Just wanted to throw that out, for the few people who care.

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  • White the Popopo

    Triple post woop.

    So, this is my final blog for the day, and it's one of those Character Reviews I was talking about. Today, we'll be reviewing General Scotch.

    I like how it uses real places, while also making some unrealistic remarks. ("Scotch was born in Baltimore, Maryland and after that birth his mother died of gunshot from aliens.") While the idea is good, it could be expanded upon a bit more.

    He seems pretty much exactly like myself; nice to pretty much anyone he meets, while being awkward around girls. I couldn't describe him, nor myself, any better. (Holy Nova, I'm a hypocrite. Saying I'm awkward around girls...)

    Well, he's a human. So, let's go through the human rundown:

    • Nothing that makes him too OP: Check.
    • Some form of a superpower, b…

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  • White the Popopo

    Here's the first of my Top 10 Music series. Hope you like it, and either agree or oppose in the comments.

    You just got back from an adventure, and you go to sit inside Magolor's ship. But then, you listen to the background music for a bit, recognize it, and decide to sit outside.

    Number 10 is Lor Starcutter.

    I personally think this is one of the best new renditions of Green Greens, other than maybe Dedede's Drum Dash Level 1, but we'll get to that at a later time. This takes the original song, and adds a calm feel to it.

    You're relaxing in a quiet forest, the Sir Kibbles are narrowly missing you, but you don't care.

    Number 9 is Forest Area.

    It's got this classic feel to it, but it's not a just makes it all too good.

    The unknown dark fo…

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  • White the Popopo

    "This has been the Fantendo Carnival Showcase. This is White, signing out. I hope to see all of you for a new blog I'm making this evening."

    Yeah, guess who got lazy? Me.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I've got a couple ideas for new blog series stuff. I already do the Zentech Weekly on Mondays, so it shouldn't be too hard. But I've only got two ideas, so I want your honest opinion on them.

    There are two things that sorta, "fuel" this first one, which I'd do every Wednesday. The first is how Phazon makes a Top 10 list every once in a while, and the second is my love for video game music. The blog series I'd do on Wednesdays is a Top 10 Songs list. I'd choose any game that I've played enough to know the music, or I might take some suggestion…

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  • White the Popopo

    Welcome to today's issue of the Zentech Weekly. I'm your host, White, and we've got a lot of game plans for you today. I would've put this out tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll be able to be on tomorrow, and I don't want it to be late two weeks in a row. Anyway...

    I've got 3 games in the works that I don't have room for in the Fantendo Carnival Showcase (which Locky put me in charge of, by the way), so I'll say them here.

    My first one is one of a series that I really like, but haven't made any games for yet: Animal Crossing: Sky High. It works similarly to a normal Animal Crossing game, but instead of just villages, you are put on small floating islands (I seem to use floating cities too much...) linked by bridges. Other than that, it works…

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  • White the Popopo

    Hello, and welcome to the third issue of the Zentech Weekly. I'm your host, White, and today we have some stories that I was supposed to put out yesterday, but I got lazy.

    One of the least important is that I reached 3000 edits! Woo! I usually make a separate blog for these types of things, but I'll just have them as part of the Zentech Weekly from now on.

    Zentech Studios has signed themselves up for the Fantendo Carnival Showcase, and we plan to show off The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula and The Legend of Cielo, as well as a new game, Mario Kart: Checkered Flag. And who knows? That leaves one day. I might do something special. We'll just have to wait and see. ^w^

    I have developed a small group of people for the production of AoWi…

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  • White the Popopo

    I've decided that for The Adventures of White's sequel, I'm going to do something I hadn't thought about until just now: I'm going to make another guest character category, called User Characters. The purpose of this? I'm going to make characters based on users. I've already got a couple in the works, so it'll be a good spark of insanity. Couple rules for submissions:

    • I need the name, species (Any Dream Land species will do), and weapon, as well as appearance (color, extra parts, etc.). The rest of the stuff, I can come up with myself.
    • I don't accept joke characters. I'm looking at you, 1234567890qwerttyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm.

    That's pretty much it. Submit away! (I'll probably make this into a thread once I make the actual game.)


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  • White the Popopo

    Welcome back for another edition of Zentech Weekly! I'm your host, White, and we've got more stories for you today.

    Both The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula and The Legend of Cielo are on the site, and under construction. I take suggestions for both of them, so feel free to leave them. I'll be making threads for AoWinNN suggestions, and a blog for TLoC suggestions. So, stay tuned for those.

    I have started another umbrella game, in a similar fashion of Hellfire Fighters, called Pentagon Brawlers. It is another collab, with , , , and as my coproducers. We AREN'T accepting anyone else into the group (which isn't named yet), so don't ask.

    The Chat Wars are still going on. However, they go by a new name: Fantendo Users: Apocalypse. If …

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  • White the Popopo

    Welcome to the Zentech Weekly! I'm your host, White, and we've got a few stories for you today.

    One of the most prominent is that I got a username change. My username is no longer Sloopy678. If you still wish to contact me, use the username White the Popopo instead.

    I have decided that the sequel to The Adventures of White, The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula, as well as The Legend of Cielo are both coming out within the next week. The former will probably be made starting today, and the latter will start either Wednesday or Thursday.

    Just as a quick announcement: As I've said unofficially before, the characters from the Adventures of White series are free to use; you just have to ask the owner. Well, now that's official. So, yeah. …

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  • White the Popopo

    Some Stuffz

    January 20, 2014 by White the Popopo

    I know I already made a blog today, but I don't care. I feel like saying some random update crap. I might do this as an actual weekly thing, so stay tuned.

    Fandro helped me completely revamp my AoWiki's chat, so feel free to stop by whenever. I'll usually be there.

    I'm currently working on the sequel to The Adventures of White, so start looking forward to that. I'm doing it as a collab with my friend Icaadan, so we'll both be doing it. If you see him work on it, don't spaz out.

    I've made amends with the Order of Hellfire, so don't be like, "I thought Danny was kicked out", or any crap like that, because I'm back. And I'm still friends with all the Order members (and Dark, if he doesn't consider himself one, which he probably does).

    I've been t…

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  • White the Popopo

    3 Notices

    January 20, 2014 by White the Popopo

    I've got a few of things to tell anyone who cares.

    That update blog that I made last Monday? That's a thing now. I'm gonna call it the Zentech Weekly, and it'll just be any updates I can think of, Zentech Studios-wise.

    Earlier today, Fandro, Doink and I decided to have a few Wi-Fi races on Mario Kart Wii. That got me thinking, "I should ask other people on Fantendo if they have the game, and a Friend Code!" So, that's what I'm doing. My Friend Code for MKWii is 3267-3007-3301. Tell me yours in the comments, and we could race at any time.

    After so long, I finally got that last batch of AoW-styled artwork of characters up. If you requested for me to make art of your character for you, it's probably up. Except for those who just requested charac…

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    The Final of this contest arrived. According to the results of the last contest, we have two characters that got a 4/5 in the contest but two got a 3.5/5. The contest was made to get three characters, so I will have to do the last poll to choose the three characters of BoB 4:


    • Brief Description: Maion2 is an angel who has no idea she is a clone.
    • Birth Date: Unknown
    • Age: Artifically 23
    • Elements: Sky and Plasma
    • Personality: Motherly but confused
    • Weapon: Celestial Crowbar2
    • Phisical Appearance: same as Maion's
    • Clothing: same as Maion's
    • Bracelet: Copper


    • Name: Mercer
    • Age: 24
    • Birthday: August 6
    • Elements: Light and Sound
    • Weapon: His top hat, which he uses to perform magic tricks and as a catalyst for his abilities below
    • Abilities: Creating illusions to confuse people, tele…

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    BoB4 Promo

    March 9, 2013 by Yami no Tenshi


    Also, it's supposed to be a Steli's gift but I guess he won't see this... Anyway:

    (Excuse me for the transparecy, it didn't work well)

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