Ability Panels
The Ability Panel of Koopa Troopas.
Item Type Power-up
First Appearance Super Mario: Panel Panic
Latest Appearance Super Mario: Panel Panic
Gives players abilities of other enemies.

Ability Panels are new items that debut in Super Mario: Panel Panic. They contain the abilities of different enemies in the game, and will give the player those same powers when used.


Ability Panels contain the abilities of different enemies. For example, if Mario picked up a Koopa Troopa Ability Panel, he would grow into a hybrid between himself and a Koopa Troopa, allowing him to slide along the floor like a Blue Shell would allow him to in New Super Mario Bros. However, Ability Panels have their limitations. Most are restricted on time of usage or amount of usage. A Koopa Troopa Ability Panel can only be used for twenty seconds.

The player can collect panels by killing enemies. However, not all will give one. Any previously collected panels can be purchased at Peach's Castle in Grassy Plains for a certain amount of coins. The amount of total coins will be kept in the game's records, however only the amount after transactions will show in the game.

List of Ability PanelsEdit

Name Picture Description Type
Koopa Troopa The player can turn into a form resembling Shell Mario from New Super Mario Bros., where they can roll along the floor and break blocks and hide from enemies. The panel can be used for twenty seconds. Defense/Offense
Magikoopa The player can turn into a version of them mixed with a Magikoopa. They can shoot five deadly blasts of magic that will kill any non-boss. The player is also given the ability to fly within a time limit of twenty seconds, similar to a Lakitu cloud. Offense
Boomerang Bro. Almost identical to Boomerang Mario, the player can use boomerangs to attack enemies. Each deals the same damage as a fireball. After ten boomerangs are used, the player reverts to whatever form they were before. Offense
Piranha Plant The players can go into any pipe in any level, some of which are dead-ended but some of which lead to hidden secrets, such as 1-ups. It can be used for one minute before the player is automatically thrust through the point of entry they used to get in the pipe. Other